Women at all levels of civic society are under-represented and their voices are not being heard. The Women Making a Difference project educates and empowers women across Wales to have the skills, confidence, and mind set to become the leaders in their communities and decision-makers at all levels of public and political life.

Our training courses are free of charge and open to every woman in Wales, with no prerequisites to join. We want to see more women in decision-making roles, as the School Governors, Councillors and Board Members of tomorrow.
  • Engendering Change training
  • Some of those who received certificates at the 2013 WMAD Award Ceremony
  • WMAD Engendering Change training
  • Some of the WMAD team at the Award Ceremony 2013
  • Active Citizens training
  • Registration table helpers at the Welsh Womens Summit 2013
  • Group of Active Citizens
  • A table shot at the Welsh Womens Summit 2013
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